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Full text of "Commencement program"

Commencement Exercises 


Friday Evening 

The Thirtieth of May 

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-cSeven 


Long ago Chief Massasoit, 

Here in this Old Colony, 

Granted peace and trust to strangers, 

Pilgrims from across the sea. 

We salute you, Massasoit, 

Proudly sharing in your name 

Faith, endurance, peace and knowledge, 

Gifts of strength we now proclaim. 

We will hold aloft our banner, 
Massasoit's green and white, 
Keeping firm our hope and courage, 
Forging paths of human right. 

With endurance, faith for the future, 
Pride where there once was none in sight, 
We share learning with all people, 
Peace and love our guiding light. 

Words written by 
Professor Dorothy Gibbs and Afrika Hayes Lambe 

Order of Exercises 

Prelude The Massasoit Senior Orchestra 

Choral Selections The Massasoit Choral Ensemble 

The Academic Procession 

* "America the Beautiful" All 

Invocation Reverend Paul Hurley 

St. Joseph The Worker Church, Hanson, MA 

Welcome Dr. Robert R. Rose 

President of the College 

Greetings from The Board of Trustees Sheryl Savage 

Chair, Massasoit Community College, Board of Trustees 

Commencement Address Delores Handy 

News Anchor, WABU-TV, Boston, MA 

Charge to the College Sheryl Savage 

Chair, Massasoit Community College, Board of Trustees 

Conferral of Degrees and Certificates 
Presidential Scholars Awards 

Awarding of Degrees and Certificates Dr. Robert R. Rose 

President of the College 

Representing the Class of 1997 Christopher J. Aviles 

President, Student Senate 

Message to the Graduates Stephanie L. Ramper 

President, Phi Theta Kappa 

Congratulations Edwin Rogers 

Student Trustee 

* Benediction Reverend Paul Hurley 

St. Joseph The Worker Church, Hanson, MA 

* The Recessional 

President's Reception Student Union Building 


Graduates Graduate Marshals 

Edwin Rogers Christopher J. Aviles Stephanie L. Ramper 

Jo-Ann M. Simmons Michelle G. Saldivar Courtney L. Beliveau 

Michele R. Fitch Robert A. Gingras MargoJ. MacPhail 

KerryJ. Marshall Robert D. Pratt Christian T Ryan 

Oscar R. Sabillon April M. Weeden 

College Faculty and Staff Professor Ronald A. Coelho, Marshal 

President, Academic Senate 

Platform Party Dr. Terrence A. Gomes, Marshal 

Dean of Faculty and Instruction 

*The audience is requested to stand. 

Presidential Scholars 


Day Division 

Jennifer A. Dodge 

Division of Continuing Education 

* Ann Marie Powers 
Physical Therapist Assistant 

Student Senate 

Edwin Rogers 
Student Trustee, Human Services 

* Jo-Ann M. Simmons 
Treasurer, Business Administration 

Michele R. Fitch 
Senator, Law Enforcement 

***KerryJ. Marshall 
Senator, Human Services 

Oscar R. Sabillon 
Senator, Human Services 

Christopher J. Aviles 
President, Liberal Arts Studies 

*** Michelle G. Saldivar 
Secretary, Liberal Arts Transfer 

Robert A. Gingras 
Senator, Human Services 

Robert D. Pratt 
Senator, Liberal Arts Transfer 

April M. Weeden 
Senator, Liberal Arts Transfer 

Stephanie L. Ramper 
Vice President, 
Computer Information Systems 

Courtney L. Beliveau 
Senator, Business Administration 

MargoJ. MacPhail 
Senator, Business Administration 

Christian T. Ryan 
Senator, Business Administration 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society 

Steven J. Archard 
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 

** Leslie M. Armas 
Child Care Education & Administration 

Christopher J. Aviles 
Liberal Arts Studies 

* Joanne M. Ayers 


* Mary Lou Babin 
Business Administration 

Linda B. Bearce 
Art & Graphic Design 

* Marie Caldwell 
Liberal Arts Studies 

Melissa A. Child 
Travel & Tourism 

* Laure A. Costa 
Human Services 

Jennifer A. Dodge 

Carol L. Donovan 
Clinical Laboratory Science 

Paula J. Doyle 
Liberal Arts Studies 

Heather A. Eustace 
Child Care Education & Administration 

* Michele R. Fitch 
Law Enforcement 

Kim N. Fullerton 
Travel & Tourism 

Nancy M. Gavin 

** Julia C. Hawkins 
Liberal Arts Transfer 

* Linda J. Heaney 
Computer Information Systems 

** Nancy L. Holmes 
Culinary Arts 

Christina M. Hughes 
Liberal Arts Transfer 

Audrey H. Lander 
Human Services 

Susan Leitao 
Physical Therapy Assistant 

Shelley M. Lucente 
Computer Information Systems 

'Honors "High Honors "**Highest Honors 

KerryJ. Marshall 
Human Services 

* Melissa Marshall 
Human Services 

Jennifer A. O'Connell 
Liberal Arts Transfer 

HH Samantha L. Phillipe 
Business Administration 

Robert D. Pratt 
Liberal Arts Transfer 

Stephanie L. Ramper 
Computer Information Systems 

Christian T. Ryan 
Business Administration 

Jo-Ann M. Simmons 
Business Administration 

Cheryl A. Skarinka 
Liberal Arts Transfer 

*** Margaret C. Vogel 
Liberal Arts Studies 

* Scott A. Wauchope 
Liberal Arts Studies 

Donald L. Young 
Human Services 


Liberal Arts Transfer 


Gregory A. Bauer 
Christopher James Bruno 
Jennifer E. Bull 
Cora A. Burchfiel 
Kevin L. Dente 
Kerri F. Diauto 
Julie M. Enos 
Peter L. Ferrie 
Catherine Marry Freel 
""Julia Catherine Hawkins 

* Susan M. Hoffman 
Christina Marie Hughes 
Eleanor F. Lyons 

* Marybeth MacDonnell 
Tara B. Maher-Dwinell 
Antony Mastrangelo 
Maribeth Helen McDonough 


Jayne Marie Munson 
Kathryn E. Murphy 
Richard J. Murphy 
Jennifer Ann O'Connell 
Kathleen M. Patt 
Robert R. Pike 
Amy G. Poliseno 
Robert Douglas Pratt 
Jennifer M. Richardson 
"Michelle Saldivar 
* Sylvia Marcia Monteiro 
Barbosa Da Silva 
** Cheryl West Skarinka 
Adam R. StPeter 
Andrew B. Tracey 
Deborah J. Warsheski 
April Marie Weeden 

Business Administration 

* Catherine Accardi 

** Deborah L. Adamiec 
Sean E. Agius 
Peter Craig Albert 
Francesco Ardis 
Linda Dianne Astor 
Mary Lou Babin 

* Diane Baldi 

Courtney Louise Beliveau 
David Marc Biondi 

* Gary Edward Bourque 
Beth A. Brewer 
Jennie L. Brown 
Shelley Ann Buckingham 

* Denise V. Burke 
Mary Grace Carraggi 
Shanna M. Cavicchi 

* Joanne E. Churchill 
Danielle L. Collins 
Nicole T. Conserva 
Martin John Coughlin 

** Michael E. Cusack 

Jennifer Lynn Cusat 
Jose Miguel DaCosta 
James Paul Daly 
William Justin DeLoach 
Maria K. DeRienzo 
Pamela J. Dewing 
Kerri L. Dobbyn 
Cheryl G. Doherty 
Jennifer Lynn Doherty 
Cordie Lee Dorman III 
Leonilde Gomes Dos Santos 
Stacey Ellen Dupont 
Anne Renne Marie Elefson 
Tracy Ann Elliott 
Krisha C. Ellis 
Raymond Earl Ellis 
George Scott English 
Carmen Fernandes 
Anthony P. Ferrini 
Heather Marie Files 
Jeffrey R. Fisher 
John Ernst Floeck 

*Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Business Administration 


Jason C. Fong 
Julia Lorraine Fowler 
Janice Christine Fox 
Lidia M. Fraga-Hoffman 
Edward G. Gilbert 
Maureen P. Ginsburg 
Stacey Christine Goodwin 
James 0. Gray III 

* Derek William Grudinskas 
Donna M. Hackett 
Heather Halliday 

Susan Lee Hardy 
Gayle Hicks 
Leslie A. Holman 
Geraldine M. Hurley 
John J. Hurst 

* Melissa Lillian Johnson 
Garry Joseph 

Paula Marie Keane 

Robert Alexander Kibitz 

Paul H. Koscenski 

Pauline R LaPointe 

Melissa Lynn Lepro 

Cheryl A. LeVine 

Tiffany L. Lewis 

Marilynn Lima 

Edward J. Little Jr. 

Daniel Lombardo 

Bessie Lucas 

Kerry A. Lynch 

Abby R. Maccini 

Margojean MacPhail 

Jack James Mahon 

Jonathan M. Majkut 

Joseph J. Mazurek II 

Joan M. McAndrew 

Cheri L. McCormack 

Sonya Lee McFadden-Campbell 

Diane McGuinness 

Michael David McLeod 

Mark F. Migliaccio 

Peter Michael Migliaccio 

Jennifer Marie Moriarty 

* Suzanne E. Mulholland 
John Patrick Murray 
Kenneth Clayton Murray 

* Julia Livingston Northrup 
Thomas Edward O'Handley 



Christopher J. O'Leary 
Anthony Ortiz 
Doreen Marie Perewicz 
Renee Marie Perry 
Samantha L. Phillipe 
Walter K. Pratt 
Kim M. Priesing 
Shabbena Ramjattansingh 
Kimberly D. Rapoza 
Donna M. Reiser 
Janice Riley 
Maureen A. Roberts 
Sherrie Anne Rodrigue 
Matthew Thomas Rushton 

* Christian Ryan 
Ziad G. Saba 

Jamie Frances Sampson 
Brian M. Scales 

* Carol Jean Sellars 
*Jane B. Sforza 

Christopher A Shea 
Marc S. Sherman 
Margurite L. Silas 
Aristides R. Silva 
Danyelle Marie Silvia 
Lloyd William Silvia 
George L. Simmons IV 

* Jo-Ann M. Simmons 

* Douglas Edward Springhetti 
H Laura L. Stewart 

Timothy J. Sullivan 
Timothy James Sullivan 
Peter Joseph Sweenie 
Melissa Sue Taggart 
Jane Marie Talabach 
Donna T. Taylor 
Janet L. Thornton 
Karen Marie Toloczko 
Matthew S. Trager 
Gil A. Valadao 
Rachel D. Wadleigh 
Matthew John Waldron 
Frank A. Weiner 

* Elizabeth Marie Whitlock 
Kimberly Donnett Williams 
Maria C. Woolf 
Steven B. Wright 
Daniel A. Zaino 


"Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Computer Information Systems 

Barbara A. Anderson 

* Donald R. Belcher 

* Mark J. Cahill 
Matilde R. Clemens 
David G. Dunn 
Dahir A. Elmi 
Nicole R. Gibbons 
Leonard J. Goldstein 
LeoJ. Gulinellojr. 
Linda Jean Heaney 


Doreen Beth Jerauld 
Terry W. Lewis 
William Steven Lucas 
Shelley M. Lucente 
Rita M. Mogan 

* Stephanie L. Ramper 

* Michael P. Simon 
Mark S. Sims 

: Jason M. Snow 
Tammy M. White 

Culinary Arts 

Christine Marie Clougherty 
Lynne Marie Gibbons 
Peter A. Haviland 
Nancy L. Holmes 
Jason W. Houghton 
Jeff Korey 

Jeffrey Owen Lind 
Meghan Daly McBride 
Linda Pratt 
Tina Marie Short 
Beverly A. Striler 

Engineering Technology 

Herard Belizaire 

* Steven Bixby 

* James Edward Conley 
Paul William D'Andrea Jr 

"John E. Dunn 

"James Michael Evers 
Richard Warren Foster 
Ronald Paul Gilbertson 

"David M. Glennon 
Glen Christopher Hodges 

Thomas Michael Lunt 
Katherine Ann Matthews 
Kevin Liam McKenna 
Charles Arlen Morgan Jr 

** Edward C. Pawlowski 

* Dennis J. Perkins 
Jon C. Perkins 
Sarah Rosario 
Richard C. Sicard 
' Lisa J. Silva 



Timothy F. BaileyJr 
Richard Peter Barry 
Kent Donald Campbell 

Fire Science 

* Daniel George DelPrete 

* Peter Tagliente 
James E. Young 

Honors High Honors Highest Honors 

Human Services 

* Cynthia Anne Baker 
Nancy M. Barrett 
Danielle Ann Hudson Benoit 
Christine Lee Bernier 
Kristina Marie Bernier 

* Steven Blais 
Keyoca Sekina Booker 
Gayle Marie Clark 

* Laure Anne Costa 

* Linda J. Denty 
Margaret M. Dinon 
Theresa E Gallagher 
Paul R. George 
Robert A. Gingras 
Lynne Marie Gould 
Michele P. Grimsley 
Pamela Ann Holm 
Cindy Marie Howard 
Karen Ann Hunnewell 
Holly L.Johnson 
Ghrisoula Lambropoulos 
Audrey H. Lander 
Jeanne Marie LeBlanc 
Leslie Ann LeBlanc 




Kristine Faith Lepro 

Bernadette Lea Logan 

KerryJ. Marshall 

Melissa Ann Marshall 

Donna C. Morgan 

JohnJ. O'Brien 

Stephen P. O'Reilly 

Sainvilus Pierre 

Melissa Lynne Poli 

Kelly Bernadette Pope 

Deborah J. Roberts 

Edwin Rogers 
"Lillian Ivette Rosario 

Tina L. Rosario 

Oscar Sabillon 

Jennifer Sharon Savary 
* David Anthony Sillars 

Megan Tomorrow Soares 

Shannon M. Spiezio 

Barbara StClair 

Denise Marie Stubbert 

Colleen M. Trotman 

Lora Lee Wood 

Donald L. Young 

Law Enforcement 

Keith J. Almeida 

David A. Barbato 

Ronald M. Burton 

Henrique Montrond Centeio 

Ryan L. Chandler 

James D. Clifton 

Melissa Sue Craw 

Susan Jennifer Dowdall 

Glenn E. Dukes 

Michele Renee Fitch 

Richard L. Franey 

Sean M. Furze 

Richard Edward Gambino 

Anthony M. Gordon 

Brian C. Hildebrant 

Brian Joseph Holmes 

Timothy E.Jenkins 


Julie Marie Kane 
Kevin D. Langley 
Richard D. Lauria 
Christine M McEwan 
Gerald E. Mont 
Kevin Micheal OHearn 
Keith E. Pantazelos 
Mark Peter Pasquantonio 
Jason Persampieri 
Vicky Lee Poulos 
Mark C. Ronayne 
Kenneth Roger Roussel 
Phillip E. Sloan 
Brandon J. Stevens 
Peter Francis Swarce 
Joshua Nathan White 
Alana Anne Winders 

^Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Liberal Arts Studies 

Jessica J. Abrams 
Alberto Carlos Alves 
Lisa Marie Alves 
Caryn L. Anderson 
Robert M. Anderson 
Leah M. Andrews 
Linde F. Arnold 

:; Terry Ann Asci 
Stephanie Jaye Aussubel 
Peter V. Austin Jr 

m Christopher J. Aviles 

* Kristin M. Aviles 
Kenneth Edward Barg 
Rebecca Anne Bartlett 
Rebecca A. Bassett 
Roselyn Beavers 

Jill Blake 

Charles Daniel Blough 
Keith J. Boggier 
Terry William Branch 
Alfred E. Braun IV 

* Deborah Brookfield 
Joseph A. Bumpus 
Patricia A. Bureau 
Patrick J. Burke 

* Marie J. Caldwell 
Steven Thomas Capone 
Jennifer A. Casey 

* Jason F. Chamsarian 
Arlene L. Clark 
Michael E. Clark 

** Cheryl Ann Cole 
WilliamJ. Colleary 
Tracy L. Collins 
Lisa Anne Colwell 
Robert M. Concannon 
Deborah M. Connell 
Cheri Elizabeth Cornell 
Christopher A. Coutts 
Jason S. Craig 
Dawud Crayton 



Craig A. Crombie 
Lori A. Dacosta 
Laurie Jean Dauphinais 
Daniel Mendes Depina 
Susan M. Devin 
David Matthew Dillon 
Elizabeth Jadwiga Dowgiert 
Paula Joleen Doyle 
William Charles Duffy III 
Marjoryann Duncan 
Paul Joseph Durkin 
Laura Marie Ebbs 
Dimitrios A. Ellinas 
Victoria Marie Enos 
Francine A. Enright 
Douglas Matthew Faherty 
Sammy Faris 
Taryn M. Far re 11 
Barbara Ann Fearing 
Christopher M Foster 
Leslie Ann Fox 
Marianne Gagne 
Tara Marie Gallagher 
Virginia M. Galvin 
Elizabeth Gail Gawlowicz 
Roslyn Adele Gibo 
Alison M. Giesler 
Laurie Helen Grzelak 
Michael P. Gurley 
Christine Alice Gurnett 
Brian R. Hallisey 
Robyn K. Handy 
ChristopherJ Harnois 
Joseph William Harrington 
Robert G. Harris 
Colleen E. Hart 
Barbara Gomes Hersee 
Lillian Marie Hoff 
Marjorie Hogarth 
Wendy Holmes 
Mary P. Hughes 

Honors **High Honors "Highest Honors 

Liberal Arts Studies 


Dana Myles Jordan 
Scott A. Kaplan 
John C. Karcher III 
David C. Kearney 
Kristen M. Kennedy 
Gregory Mathew Krukonis 
"Louise M. Landers 
** Elizabeth Lauglin 
Danielle C. Lavoie 
William Joseph Leonardi 
Eric Lyden 
Jennifer A. Mann 
Christine Frances Marshall 
Dina Martini 
Philip J. Martorana 
Carolyn Marie Masiello 
Michelle T. McAnneny 
Jacob P. McKechnie 
Bettyjane Meade 
Kathleen M. Means 
Christopher P. Merlino 
Leanna L. Merlino 
Shannon Michele Micciantuono 
Laura Molari 

Craig Anthoney Morrison 
Jaime Lynn Nersessian 
Leila Oicles 
Kaitlyn O'Leary 
Beth Anne Osborn 
Justine S. Para 
Iris F. Pinto 
Ryan S. Pittsley 
Richard Poshkus 

\-'' l '-'.]': 


Stephen J. Quinn 
John P. Raoul 

Mark Christopher Raymond 
Daniel Gilbert Reardon 
Nicole R. Ribeiro 
Linda Ellen Richard 
Amy Robinson 
Scott A. Rubeski 
Joao Santos Jr. 
Leah Saunders 
Janine Marie Schlatz 
Carolyn Marie Scott 
Deborah C. Scott 
Leeann Sergio 
Brett M. Sesnewicz 
Patrick Ross Shannon 
William P. Shea 
Karen Ann Shinko 
Dianna Christina Sikora 
Adam M. Smith 
Julie Kristen Tanner 
John David Teahan 
Michael M. Thayer 
Jimmy Thomas III 
Richard D. Trani 
Mary C. Veradt 
Margaret Caroline Vogel 
Karla M. Vogt 
Scott A. Wauchope 
Enid E. Weinheimer 
Kimberly M. Wessling 
Tuere Lillian White 
Esther Katherine Wittey 

"Honors **High Honors "**Highest Honors 

Nursing Education 



Debra Ann Ameno 
Joanne M. Ayers 
Roseann A. Bates 
Sarah Beth Boehler 
Anne R Bonner 
Ann Marie Clancy 
Rachel Ann Cruz 
Elizabeth Monica Davis 
Kristenjean Dennehy 
Cait de Roiste 
"Jennifer A. Dodge 
Faith Pauline Donato 
Evelyn M Drolette 
Irene Egan 
Jennifer E. Faherty 
Nancy Allison Fallon 
Mary-Ellen Elizabeth Farrell 
Dawn Marie Folan 
Marie L. Freedman 
Nancy M. Gavin 
Julie Gortze 
Thalia Aldith Harnett 
Denise Harveyvinskus 
Debra Lee Holt 
Judith A.Johnson 
Paul S.Jones 
Donna J. Kallio 
Theresa A. King 
Catherine Rae Kingman 

Brian Patrick Kingston 

Denise Kotapski 

Catherine Josephine Landino 

Traci A. Lynch 

Bertha Hedwig Maloof 

Margarita M. Marmysh 

Robert W. McGorty II 

Robert Stephen McGowan 

Christine L. McMaster 

Myriame L. Milord 

Teresa Ann Molis 

Scott M. Nickerson 

Donna Nimeskern 

Mary Elizabeth Nolan 

Rose Marie O'Neil 

David A. Perry 

Isolde Maria Peterson 

Marcia A. Ram 

Christine M. Reader 

Robin A. Sherrick 

Cheryl Ann Sikora 

Joan M. Smith 

Christine M. Stohlberg 

Jane E. Sullivan 

Sandra J. Taft 

Tanya L. Thomas 

Patricia A. Voci 

Dina Lynne Yakavonis 



Joan R Baker 
Barry J. Bourassa 
Michelle Bourgeois 
Joann M. Brunett 
Alacyn Beth Byrne 
Dorothy A. Clancy 
Megan A. Currier 
Travis DeGrace 
Rhonda Lee DiBacco 
** Claire M. Donovan 

Physical Therapy Assistant 


James Jay Enos 
Dorothy A. Famolare 
David M. Fitzgerald Jr 
* Leonard G. Forbes 
Maura Gallagher 
Maryann Hogarty 
Bonnie L. Kilrain 
Susan Leitao 
John F. McDonald 
Melissa Means 


Honors **High Honors '**Highest Honors 

Physical Therapy Assistant continued 

* Laura A. Melville 

Karen Miller 
"Susan 0. Minkin 

Susan Elizabeth Mobayed 

Marie C. Mondesir 

Karen Murphy 

Mary K. Oliveira 

Judith Palmstrom 
** Anne-Marie Powers 

Ann Purcell 

Helen M. Regan 

Karen Rigo 

Daniel J. Robertson 

* Sandra A. Rosa 
Vicky A. Sandoual 
Sandra Scott 

* Deborah A. Smith 

* Sean David Sullivan 
Mary E. Sweeney 
Christine A Treggiari 

* Bevan C. Tulk 
Susan Marie Vieira 
Tracey A. Wallace 
Christopher Campbell Weber 

Radiologic Technology 



Dawn Marie Barlow 
Susan M. Bina 
Stephen D Butman 
Thomas Michael Correiro 
James M. Dorsey, Jr. 
Susan R. DuBreuil 
Denise M. Hamlin 
Dawn M. Hansen 
Michelle Lee Lopes 
Lori C. McDonough 

Lora Lee Rocha 

* Carol B. Rollins 

* Yvonne M. Shaw 

* Karen A. Sheehan 
**Mary L. Silvia 

* Joanne M. Smith 
Jennifer St. Laurent 
Katherine Ann Teixeira 
Kathleen M. Ward 
Carol Lyn Wordell 

Respiratory Care 

Caius AuGereau Bazile 
Susan J. Bresnahan 
Erin M. Cavanagh 
Judith A. Costa 
Judith A. Critzer 
Henry Joseph Finn 
Achille Samuel Francois 
Michael J. Hanley 
Benjamin R. Hathaway 
Deborah M. Jansky 
Margaret Mary Kelly 
Jean Teresa King 

Mark Lunnin 
Tracey L. Manzone 
Alice J. McDaniel 
Daddy Morency 
Amos 0. Nwosu 
James B. O'Donnell 
David K. Pena 
Peter Ramey 
** William P. Shattuck 

* Robert J. Slowey 
Fordson Smith 

* Edward J. Wiejkus 

Honors ^ High Honors "**Highest Honors 


Art and Graphic Design 

Linda Brewer Bearce 
Gregory Matthew Brown 
Susan Rene Catalfamo 
Craig H. Chudnow 
Michael Dennis Crowley 
Maris A. Cummings 
Elise Ann Deflaminis 
Tammy Lynn Dumaine 
Jessica Sue Dyer 
Eric Roger Easter 
Jennifer A. Farrell 
Leo F. Fitzgerald, Jr. 


Jarrod M. Fucile 
Gregory W. Genovese 
James J. Guarino 
Richard L. Hammerschmidtjr. 
Kevin J. Lang 
""Laurie Simone Lohse 
Christine E. Musto 
Robin L. Rowell 
Cheryle Shubert 
James J. Talbot 
Scott Travis 

Architectural Technology 

Sally Jane Alexander 
Michel Ange Ambroise 
Mary Lou Bagley 
Jacques Michael Francois 
Todd Matthew Gainey 
Sarah Hendrick 

Luis Andrade Lopes 
Mark Dale Mahar 
Brian David Tartaglione 
Joseph D. Towne 
Eric Michael Wagner 
Gerald Thomas Whalen 

Child Care Education and Administration 

Christina Allen 
*** Leslie Marie Armas 

Natalie Elizabeth Bickford 
* Shannan Buckley 
Stacie Lynn Call 
Jennifer Lynn Capeless 
Lea Colaninno 
Kristen L. Dowd 
Heather Anne Eustace 
Hope Elise Foster 
Stacie L. Furrh 
Shannon Robyn Golden 

Michelle Lynne Lerner 
Laurie Ann Lima 

* Kelly Ann Lopes 
Wendy D. Mandeville 
Kelley M. McDonald 
Lanisha R. Melton 

* Maurya Lynne Muise 

* Nancy Petersen 
***Valerie Anne Schell 

Nancy Frances Silvia 
Benita Ann Smith 

* Elaina Angela Winders 

Honors ""High Honors ^Highest Honors 

Civil Structural Technology 

Jack H. Aronofsky 
Roger B. Curtis 
Robert William Engel 
Eileen L. McNeil 

Gena G. Mullen 
Seth R. O'Connor 
* Steven C. Shalno 
*** Robert W StLaurent 

Clinical Laboratory Science 

Christina Babbin 
Susan Ann Barry 
Gail Hope Beatrice 
William A. Beck III 
*Jean L. Brown 
Jacqueline L. Burke 
Lynn M. Carreiro 
Violeta Desingco 
Carol L. Donovan 
Bryan P. Etter 
June Gordon 

Robin A. Hill 
Sandra Joseph 
Tanya I. Lewis 
Diane M. Marble 
Daniel J. McCracken 
Shannon L. McNeely 
Jeanette M. Merren 
Sem Michel 
Barbara Ann Michienzi 
Constance D. Nix 
Karen Westerlind 

Court and Conference Reporting 

Erika Lynn Goodman 

Tina M. Sarcia 

Diesel Technology 

Lorraine Marie Anne Allison 
Stephen James Arsenault 
Robert W Mandeville 

Daniel J. Mann 
Michael J. McCann 

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Technology 

Steven John Archard 
James M. Brooks 
Brian M. Colburn 

William H. Gendrolis 
* Matthew S. Smith 
Michael James Talis 

"Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Lynn M. Banfill 
Melissa M. Collins 
Rae N. Fortes 
NancyJ. Hover-Small 
Danielle Reardon 

Office Administration 

Jessica L. Sandner 
Christine Smith 
Judith Ellen Struble 
Christina M. Toner 
Darlene Turner 

* Karen Marie Burke 
Melissa Ann Child 
Kim Marie Fullerton 
Melissa Gail Gloria 
Donald Gunter 

Travel and Tourism 

Kathleen D. Hardy 
Kelly E. Kane 
Kam Sherree Riordan 
Nicole Marie Vandette 
Paula L. Ward 

Jennifer L. Bachmann 
Anne M. Benjamin 
Grace Lyn Berlo 
Tammy Sue Brewster 
Andrea Lynn Charest 
Cheryl Ann Curran 
Gorete DA Luz 
Maria J. Dasilva 
Cindy M. DeVita 

Dental Assistant 

Virginia Marie Galvin 
Joanne L. Lynch 
Karen Ann Martin 
Paula Ann Massarelli 
Stephanie A. Nason 
Jessica A. Petrillo 
Kelly Lynne Resendes 
Susan M. Schifone 
Laurie M. Stewart 

"Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Medical Assistant 

Helena M. Bevis 
Dawn Chase 
"Joan Patricia DeCoste 
Annice Dixon 
Michelle Lee Goodman 
Vanessa Veniece Grady 
Robyn K. Handy 
Jennifer M. Keeley 
Sherry Lyn Keenan 
Lynne C. Kelley 
Jennifer Marie Lara 

Vanessa Amy Leite 
Kara Marie Lewis 
Michelle Marie Micele 
"Jennifer Anne Newcomb 
TamraJ. Osborne 
Flor Maria Rivera 
Lacey A. Schneider 
Darlene Anne Wentworth 
Carole Williamson 
David Jason Zawatsky 

Office Technologies 

Robin Aussubel 
Diana Carson 
Colleen Clark 
Bridget Condon 
Kelley Courtney 
Sherri DeYoung 
"Alice Fairclough 
Rae Fortes 
Amiee Gliniewicz 
Jaime Griffith 

Nancy J. Hover-Small 
Kaia Knudson 
* Tiara Landry 
Monica Morrison 
Michele Nealand 
Danielle Reardon 
Jessica Sandner 
Christine Smith 
Judith Struble 
Darlene Turner 

Travel and Tourism 

Marilyn Bouramia 
Christine Erardi 
* Lisa Joyce 

* Kelly Kane 
Lee Steele 

'Honors **High Honors ***Highest Honors 

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education 

James F. Carlin, Chairman 

Wellesley, MA 

Jane C. Edmonds, Vice Chair 

Sharon, MA 

Roger J. Limoges 

Student Member 
Centerville, MA 

Woolsey S. Conover 

Dover, MA 

Peter Nessen 

Boston, MA 

Tamara P. Davis 

Boston, MA 

Aaron D. Spencer 

Newton, MA 

M. Howard Jacobson 

Westboro, MA 

Edward T. Sullivan, Jr. 

Canton, MA 

Catherine Wilder Labine 

Wilbraham, MA 

Robert V. Antonucci 

(Ex Officio) 
West Falmouth, MA 

Massasoit Community College 
Board of Trustees 

Sheryl Savage, Chair 

Stoughton, MA 

James McDonough, Vice Chair 

Abington, MA 

Wayne Perkins 

Middleboro, MA 

Philip Tortorella, Secretary 

Avon, MA 

Edwin Rogers 

Rockland, MA 

Gloria Striggles, Assistant Secretray 

Bridgewater, MA 

David Smith 

Abington, MA 

Edmund Del Prete 

Rockland, MA 

Nancy Smith 

Brockton, MA 

Kenneth Fortini 

Hingham, MA 

Alvaro Sousa 

North Easton, MA 

The Academic Procession and Regalia 

The academic procession is one of the oldest traditions of colleges through- 
out the world. In medieval times the ordinary dress of the university scholar, 
whether student or teacher, was the dress of the cleric including a long gown, 
and often in cold weather a cloak with a hood which could be pulled up over the 
head for cover and protection. 

Although fashions have changed since the 16th century, scholars of the post- 
medieval period have retained the academic attire. Eventually the attire was 
prescribed by university statues to distinguish the different faculties and de- 
grees-of-learning. The associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral gowns differ 
stylistically in cut and decorative motif. 

The colorful hoods, which indicate fields of learning and the institutions 
conferring the degree, were originally worn over the head, but during the 16th 
century, caps were adopted and the hood was draped over the shoulder. 

A long tassel is attached to the middle part of the top of the cap, to drape 
over the left edge of the mortar board. The tassel may be black, gold, or the 
color appropriate to the academic field or level of achievement. 

An Intercollegiate Code has been adopted to represent the different depart- 
ments of learning and has set forth the standards for academic dress in the 
United States. The hoods are lined with the official colors of the college from 
which the wearer received his or her highest degree, while the collar of the hood 
denotes the academic subject area in which the wearer majored. These colors 
are assigned according to the following scheme: 

Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters and Humanities ... White 

Business Administration Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education Light Blue 

Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts Brown 

Forestry Russet 

Home Economics Maroon 

Journalism Crimson 

Law Purple 

Library Science Lemon 

Medicine Green 

Music Pink 

Nursing Apricot 

Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Pharmacy Olive Green 

Philosophy Dark Blue 

Physical Education Sage Green 

Public Administration.... Peacock Blue 

Public Health Salmon Pink 

Science Gold-Yellow 

Social Science Citron 

Theology or Divinity Scarlet 

Veterinary Science Gray 




















Katherine Lee Bates, Samuel A. Ward 

beautiful for spacious skies, 
For amber waves of grain, 
For purple mountain majesties 
Above the fruited plain. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And crown thy good with brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea. 

beautiful for patriot dream 
That sees beyond the years, 
Thine alabaster cities gleam 
Undimmed by human tears. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And crown thy good with brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea.